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Renewable Energy Solutions Tasmania

Renewable Energy Solutions Tasmania is a local Southern Tasmanian business, specialising in Domestic and Commercial Solar, both On grid and Off grid. The Principal, George Auchterlonie has been an electrician for over 30 years in and around Southern Tasmania and is a true believer in the benefits of solar for your home, in the recent years solely focusing in delivering renewable energy to Tasmanians.

George along with his team of qualified electricians and tradespeople, guarantee you'll be happy with your new investment, the number one thing people often say is how professional our tradespeople are. No sales guff, just honest, old fashion, straight to the facts advice and reliable service once the sale is made. We pride ourselves on our personal and professional client focused approach.


Grid Connect

There are two reasons why people choose solar, Economical and Environmental.

Many of our customers want to reduce or eliminate reliance from energy retailers and to future proof their household budget against rising energy costs.

We have other customers who are simply adding solar as they have a desire to contribute to the reduction in greenhouse emissions.

The fact is no matter what your reasons are for choosing solar its a good one! Your money invested today will pay dividends in a few short years to come, Your return on investment ( ROI) is usually 4.5 - 5 years

Battery Storage - Hybrid

Battery Storage or often referred to as Hybrid Systems has the benefit of storing your harvested excess PV from during the day and then used at night to power your appliances and lights during the evening.

The time has finally arrived where battery storage can be a real economical investment, depending on  certain factors ,with the current retailer offering 9c Kwh for any excess generated PV sold back to them it is becoming economically viable to install batteries in certain circumstances. Some systems also allow you to have an UPS arrangements in the event of a power outage, The battery can power the home to keep essentials going until the grid is restored.

This may or may not be a smart option for you, factors such as how big your PV system is, are people home during the day to use the power generated and grid stability in your area are just some of the issues, George can help you work through these decisions after establishing an idea of your electricity usage profile and your other factors

Off Grid

If you are considering going off grid there are a few things you need to consider.

REST Energy is fully CEC compliant to assist you in designing and installing an energy system completely removed from the grid. REST Energy only uses the most reliable and industry proven inverters/chargers and batteries to ensure your investment is a sound one.

This is a complex area of the Renewable industry and whilst many companies sell on grid systems most are either Non CEC compliant or dont have a detailed understanding of the complexities of the Off Grid industry.

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