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At present residential customers in Tasmania can install up to 10kw of solar generation on their residence without any negotiation or permission from Aurora. This is a great opportunity for customers to install a sizeable system which will cover even the largest of most domestic electricity bills provided you have the space to do so, let's discuss some options.

Why choose Solar

There are 2 main reasons why people choose solar, Economical and Environmental.

Many of our customers want to reduce or eliminate reliance from energy retailers and to future proof their household budget against rising energy costs.

We have other customers who are simply adding solar as they have a desire to contribute to the reduction in greenhouse emissions.

Roof or Ground Mount

This is a decision that we can help you with. Considerations include suitable available roof space, azimuth (direction), and whether you like the look of panels on your roof. Alternatively, a REST Ground mounted system might be more suitable. There are advantages to both but in the end it gets back to a couple of basics.....cost and suitability. At REST we pride ourselves in tailoring a solar solution to suit your budget and requirements. We have experience in both Roof and Ground mount systems and are happy to discuss on site which is the best option for you.


More and more Tasmanian businesses are installing solar PV on their buildings, why? Because it just makes economic sense.

Most businesses consume the majority of the electricity during work hours which is generally during sunlight hours, production, manufacturing, office equipment and heating all big energy consuming items.

Let one of our expert energy consultants sit down and discuss energy saving options for your business, this would include tailoring a PV installation to suit the consumption of your business along with other energy saving solutions which can dramatically reduce your businesses power bill.

Commercial PVSolar is fast becoming the norm for many businesses around Tasmania and Australia, the upfront installing costs are wiped out in approximately 4-5 years giving your business years and years of free energy to help power your business into the future.

When you consider the life of a PV solar installation 20+ years it just makes economical sense, talk to your accountant regarding depreciating and other tax benefits available for installing a PV system on your business premise.

With the recently announced $20,000 government incentive for small business, what better time to spend on an investment that will reap economic returns for years to come. The $20,000 is available as a %100 taxable write off in that year per item.

Not to mention the big environmental tick of approval that your customers will appreciate when they become aware of the installation powering your building, ask us about displays and energy monitors that can be placed in foyers etc. as part of your installation, for customers to view and see the benefits and output of the system they have installed.

Some of our commercial customers have included;
  • 33kW PV installed on the Glamorgan Spring Bay Municipal Council building
  • 10kW PV TACC building, Main Road New Town and
  • 12kW PV Sorell RSL building, Sorell.

How much solar do I need to be bill free?

At REST we understand that in an ideal world who wouldn't want to get rid of their electricity bill? Well maybe you can! Let's keep it simple and use dollar values.

Firstly you need to establish how much electricity a year you are consuming. Get your last 4 electricity bills (12 month period) add the totals together and this will give you an understanding of what your yearly costs are.

Winter bill $840Spring bill $740Summer bill $560Autumn bill $670

Total cost $2810 per year which includes meter and tariff charges.

Now we need to use some judgement and estimation. Residential customers in Tasmania now are offered 8c/kwh for excess power they generate and feed back into the grid. With this in mind you need to establish an estimate on how much your daily electricity costs are.

Things to consider when choosing a system size.

Bigger is not always better.
We can now see that choosing, or "matching" a system where by your house will consume nearly all the power you are generating you are financially making a decision where your system will be paid off in 4-5 years, many houses are suited to a 12 (3KW),16 (4KW) or 20 (5KW) panels system, in short contact REST energy to arrange a free onsite energy appraisal and quote from an accredited designer and installer…not a salesman, who will best advise you on a system that you will be satisfied with for years to come.

Is my building suitable

One of the key considerations in choosing solar for your home is the direction that your roof space is facing. A roof space facing true north will provide you with the maximum gain from the full day's sun.

A roof space facing NE( North East) or NW (North West) will still be quite suitable for solar generation, even a west or east facing roof will generate electricity by obviously at a reduced rate, this will all be considered and factored in when giving a quote by one of our expert installers.

Is shading an issue on your roof?
Shaded areas of a PV array (panels) are detrimental to the yield that you can expect from your system, sometimes though we don't have options to remove the object causing the shading, in maybe a chimney, flue or neighbouring property or trees.

You may be best suited to a Micro inverter solar solution. Micro inverters control individual panels so that if a panel is shaded it will only affect that panel. not the group of panels or Array as with conventional solar systems. Obviously as the day progresses shading varies, it may disappear or it may move shading onto another panel and so on, Micro inverter systems are an excellent option for houses with shading issues or small multiple roof areas, again ask one of our experts to advise which is best suited for my house.

How much can I save?

The big question everyone wants answered……is it worth it? If your roof space is facing close to north, then it is definitely worth adding solar to your home or business.

The 'savings' are dependent upon a few variables that may need to be considered.

  • Roof space
  • Is part of the roof shaded by trees? Yours, or the neighbours.
  • Am I going to live in this place for an extended period of time? In other words, what is my payback time before I will own the system outright and my power is free.
At REST all of our installed systems pay for themselves within a 5-6 year period irrespective of your system size (figures calculated on today's electricity cost of 27.8c/kWh). In the future prices are only going to increase meaning you will own your system outright even sooner.

If you do not plan spending the next 5 plus years in your home, then consider it an investment which adds value to your home when it's time to move on.

Recommended Products

At REST Energy we will tailor a solar solution to suit not only your electricity consumption but also your budget. We offer a budget system and a premium system.

We have access to a wide range of solar products including SMA, Aurora( Power one) Samil, Delta and Solar Bridge micro inverters to name a few. We use and recommend Trina, Australian Premium Solar (APS) multi and monocrystalline panels, our racking hardware is all Australian Standard approved quality aluminium by Clenergy and Antai Solar.

All products installed by REST Energy are backed by the Manufacturer's Warranty. REST Energy also offers a 7 year installation warranty, guaranteeing no install issues such as leaking roofs or rattling iron after the job is completed.

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