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Stand Alone - Off Grid

If you are considering going off grid there are a few things you need to consider.

  • How far away is the grid currently from your building?
  • What load expectations do i have? What do i need to run on electricity?
  • Am i prepared to use alternative energy sources such as wood and gas to reduce my electricity loads?
  • Is this an economical or lifestyle choice, or both? 
  • What is my budget?

REST Energy is fully CEC compliant to assist you in designing and installing an energy system completely removed from the grid. REST Energy only uses the most reliable and industry proven inverters/chargers, Solar panels, diesel generators and batteries to ensure your investment is a sound one and will perform to and above the design expectations.

We can design and install a range of systems to suit both your load and Budget starting from small one bedroom sheds/shacks up to large all year round family dwellings.

We use a range or products ranging from Giant Power, Victron, Selectronic SP Pro, Lead Gel and AGM batteries from BAE and Hoppecki . Life long off grid Nickel Iron batteries and many more....

If you have a certain brand or concept in mind we are happy to discuss and work with your ideas, however most choose to leave it to us.

REST Energy can also design and install micro grids where more than one house may draw from a central Power Hub, the options are endless so why not call for chat and see if we can help you with your power requirements.

Contact George for a personal consultation to discuss further on 0439 750 418.

Load Assessment Design Matters

Insist on qualified electricians and CEC endorsed stand alone qualified professionals to design and install a system to meet and exceed your demands and expectations. At REST energy we guarantee your system will work or exceed specifications and expectations that your require.

WARNING: Stand alone systems are often designed and installed by unqualified tradesmen who claim to understand off grid systems, however without thorough knowledge in design of your system then it can become hit and miss as to whether your investment will perform as you require.


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