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Battery Storage - Hybrid

Battery Storage or often referred to as Hybrid Systems have the benefit of storing your harvested PV from during the day and then used at night to power your appliances and lighting during the night.

The time has finally arrived where battery storage is now a real economical investment, With the current retailer offering just under 7c Kwh for any excess generated PV sold back to them it is becoming economically viable to install batteries. Some systems also allow you to have an UPS arrangements in the event of a power outage, The battery can power the home to keep essentials going until the grid is restored.

There are many different players presenting to the market, almost at alarming rates, the technology being unveiled is truly outstanding and will no doubt improve and become common place in grid connect systems moving forward.

Discuss with REST your options regarding battery storage, you may also want to install a Hybrid inverter without a battery/s at the time of install but future proof your investment should you wish to add storage later.

REST Energy have access to many different storage supplies including LG Chem, GCL lithium batteries, SOLAX ,Sungrow, SP Pro, Redback inverters All these technologies can be googled or follow the links below to learn more about this exciting and now economical alternative.


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